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Shadow Box Instructions


What size display case do you need?  Our cases featured on our web site list the outside dimensions, but when buying a display case you need to consider the inside dimensions when planning your display.  Nothing could be more frustrating then to order a shadow box and you can't fit your items.

Decide which of your collectibles are going to go into a shadow box. You will need to measure height, and width of each one. Measurements don't have to be exact, but be sure it will fit in the inside dimensions of our shadow boxes.  The measurements listed on our pricing pages are outside dimensions, so check the detailed description for inside dimensions for each case.  You'll need to take about 1/4" off in the depth for inside clearance. Our 2-1/4" Deep Case only has 1-1/4" Clearance, and our 3-1/4" Deep Case only has 2-1/4" Clearance.

Plan your arrangement.  It's best to lay everything you want to put in the shadow box out on a table, and take measurements.  Conside Width, Length, and Depth.  

Instructions on displaying items in your case:  Most of our cases come with Foam Insert, Felt Color Background, Locking Catch & Keys, and a Hanging Kit (Not all have hang kit).

Lay the case or shadow box on it's back, and open the lid - the foam insert and felt background works excellent as an anchor to hold your items in place, even coins or thin items.  Lay your items on the foam/felt and arrange however you would like to display them, close the lid, and everything should stay in place.  It's that simple!

Your shadow box is finished, and you can hang it on a wall or stand it on a shelf, knowing that your small collectibles are no longer going to be subject to dust and damage.